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HOR Designers Signature

House of Rouse is the playground of UK apparel designer Andy Rouse. The sharp amongst you will have already spotted the potential embarrassment in that name (shame his ma didn't). Mr Andy Rouse… Mr A Rouse… you get where this is going right? Yes, he is Mr Arouse! Insert laughing emoji… and the aubergine!

Arouse has dogged his life ever since it was first spotted in a secondary school English lesson and he can’t escape it! So when creating the collections for the brand he thought why try and shake it when you can take it?

So here it is, the first design from the Aroused capsule. The mens off white t-shirt is crafted in a beautiful and durable 100% organic cotton that's combed for softness. The print is applied using water based inks that sink deep into the fabric, resulting in a crisp and long-lasting print. This item will be good for next year.  

We also ensure our production is sustainable and kind to people. Sourcing our t-shirts from a GOTS certified supplier who has also gained leader status from the Fair Wear Foundation and deliver in biodegradable packaging.

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